Circus Act

"My life is deja-vu," he says
   I mount on my trapeze
"Nothing ever stands out to me,"
   I fly through the air on a breeze
"It's all the same, every day,"
   Fifteen flips through the air- I'm not tired!
"Nothing's ever different," he sighs
   And so the bar raises higher and higher
"Everything is so boring and dull,"
   I change into my pink spandex costume
"I do the same things over again,"
   Determined, my acrobatics resume
"No one in the world is extra-ordinary", 
   As my tiger jumps through hoops of fire
"Nothing's ever fun anymore,"
   And so I step onto the high wire
"I need something to make me feel,"
  Finger by finger, I'm losing my grip
"I need to feel excitement again,"
   In slow motion, I fall from the trick
"Nothing can catch my attention,"
   Screaming- no net- no stops
"My life is deja-vu," he says
   I stop breathing, and the curtain drops.

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