Contradictory Life

I am so old for my young age/ I am so young for what I’ve seen

I am too bold to deny opportunity/ too innocent to be where I’ve been

I am too strong to do so little/ too weak to carry so much

I’m too open-minded for my neighbors’ religion/ too narrow-minded for the hipster bunch

I am so huge to fit in this small space/ too small to change the world

I’m too rebellious to be my mother’s daughter/ to mild to be daddy’s girl

I’m too damn loud in this library/ far too quiet to be in a play

I can’t sleep to wake up tomorrow/ too tired to finish today

I’m too smart to make this same mistake/ too dull to see the light

I’m too politically correct to reject you/ too radical to say if you’re right

I’m too sad to smile just for you/ too happy to shed a tear

I’m comfortable to change positions/ too restless to stay right here



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