She is a runaway-

but not without a home;

as soon as life went south on her,

she ran from all she’d known.


Change is all she understands,

the ability to start again;

never moving beyond the starting phase

means never approaching The End…


So afraid of a broken heart,

terrified of being left behind-

she makes ties to nothing

and looks no one in the eyes.


Some trust in the familiar.

Some trust in grieving.

Some trust in celebration.

She only trusts in leaving…


At night, she aches for Home-

back to what she almost knew

but they would be expecting someone

to whom she is no longer true.


She…is just a run away

from a place she once called home.

Back to the one she once was

and the one she’ll never truly know.




Join the Noise? Tell me YOUR recovery story, and I will make it a post, with your name (and permission!). Let's share our stories!

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