Silent Genius

A geek, a nerd, a bookworm-
all names his peers dubbed him
Silently, he took it in
Inwardly, it became him

They taunted him every day
Tripped him, stole his books
Never stopping to look in his eyes
Knowing the toll it all took

They spit in his lunch and put tacks on his chair
Laughing at his lack of reaction
all the while they should of considered
their impact on his future actions

At the end of the year they prepared to leave
the school and the mem'ries of fun
never knowing the Silent Genius
had no plan aside from one:

the last of school he came with a bag
none of them noticed or cared
why would they suddenly see this one
they'd taunted, abused, and scared

He shouted as he set off the bombs
reminding each one of their deeds
His life had turned into one plan
For revenge, which this day he'd succeed

As the shots died down he looked around
at the people who'd lived to cause him pain
he put the gun to his head, once and for all
ending their reindeer games


Join the Noise? Tell me YOUR recovery story, and I will make it a post, with your name (and permission!). Let's share our stories!

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