Sound Proof

I sit here in my room with padded walls
dying to know what the world is saying
but I can't hear anything at all
what kind of game are you playing?

The thundering silence claps my ears
and daylight is a stranger to me
I've waited alone in this room for years
Not seeing what you eyes can see

In my sound-proof room I am protected
sheltered, alive without a care
a place in the world where I can't be rejected
I am safe from the Enemy out there

Dare me not to touch someone
lest I feel the sting of feeling
Shield me from New Information
lest the excess of knowledge leave me reeling

I've had no visitors here to my room
which is how they want it to stay
words build up like an inside balloon 
but I remind the words to stay away

See, this room- it is my safety net
to catch me- but I'll never fall
In here, memories can never forget
and I can't hurt myself on these padded walls

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