I’m calling BULLSHIT on Oprah knowing how to “love the skin you’re in”

Oprah has had more Miraculous Body Makeovers than any public figure I’ve ever known of. Sure, she knows a lot about losing weight- but I doubt she can be called an authority when it comes to loving one’s own body. For a woman who has spent decades fighting against her shape and size, she has some nerve pretending to love the very body she wages war with!

I don’t buy magazines. I am one of the ignorant and obnoxious Line-Readers who, let’s face it, are essentially stealing while in line at the grocery store. That being said, I am going to further shame myself by admitting that I judge every magazine by its cover, picking the most scandalooprahusly headlined rag for perusal. I can honestly say, without hesitation, that The Oprah Magazine has not once won my trashy craving contest– until recently. Oprah’s giant caption of ‘How To Love the Skin You’re In’ was disturbing enough that, while I couldn’t bring myself to actually pick up such offensive material, I stared, and stewed, and kept stewing.

This may seem a bit dramatic– even confusing. While not a fan, I will admit that Oprah has done a lot of good for a lot of people, and I am not taking away from any of that by what I am writing here. However, no one can be a hero to everyone, and I am standing firm today to say that Oprah is NOT a hero to me- a woman who’s had a lifetime of body image issues, and would love to wake up, suddenly comfortable in the skin I’m in. I am calling BULLSHIT: if there is one thing Oprah Winfrey is NOT, it is comfortable with her body.

Here is a woman who very publicly struggles with ‘yo-yo weight’ gain and loss; any time her weight goes up, you can count on the fact that sometime in the near future she will be hosting some doctor, boasting some miracle weight-loss cure, after which Oprah will miraculously lose an unhealthy amount of weight in an unhealthy amount of time (do NOT even try to suggest any kind of surgery because HELLO- did you not see the miracle cure show? She clearly does not not need plastic surgery when she consistently accesses the proverbial fountain of THIN! duh.)

And then she will, of course, talk IN HINDSIGHT about how difficult her weight gain was on her, and how disgusted she was to see herself that large. I feel bad for her, really, because I can hardly stand to look at myself in the mirror when I gain weight, and she has to see herself on camera and in magazines; not to mention the constant comparison to her numerous previous versions of her thin-self, post miracle cure #____. But come on, COMFORTABLE IN HER OWN SKIN??? How about not.

Sorry (NOTSORRY) but someone who is truly comfortable with themselves doesn’t need to exist on Oprah’s merry-go-round, which allows her a platform upon which she can stand once she is thin [again] and point to her thicker self, explaining ‘why’ she looked that way, and ‘how’ she managed to lose it, thereby erasing the thick version of her away, until next time. Like WHY does there need to be an explanation for a thick woman?

WHY do women– why do I– believe in a standard that separates ‘acceptable bodies’ from ‘unacceptable bodies’. Why do we allow this standard? Why do we perpetuate this standard? What the hell do we tell our daughters when they wind up in the unacceptable category? I know what I was told… and I will NOT send any child of mine down the road I went down in search of an acceptable body!

I do hope, in the spirit of true and honest compassion, that Oprah one day settles on WHICH body’s skin she decides to love, and then really does love it. However, with her billion$ of miracle cures for weight loss, I just can’t seem to relate to her struggle… nor can I afford to follow her route to body image actualization.

Let’s find a better role model for young women who struggle to love their bodies than a woman who is clearly lying about accepting hers.



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